It was great going on the WTUL today to debut some tracks

I just finished up a record with some super heavy New Orleans cats. My friend over at WTUL New Orleans, Domatron Graves invited me to go on and play some of the new things as well as some old things. It was a lot of fun. He even let me DJ for nearly the whole hour from 2-3 pm. Thrilling to be at the controls of a radio station.

Here is my play list from memory.

1. Johnny Cash- Wanted Man (Written By Bob Dylan)
2. Hill Country Hounds- Cash Thing (Written by Jamie Bernstein and HCH)
3. Bob Dylan- Folsom Prison Blues (Written by Johnny Cash)
4. Jamie Bernstein- Take These Guns (Written By Jamie Bernstein)
5. The Iguanas- Lupita (Written by The Iguanas)
6. The Outlaws- My Hero's Have Always Been Cowboys (Written by Waylon Jennings)
7. J. the Savage- I'm Sorry to Say (Written by Jamie Bernstein)
8. Jamie Bernstein- Rude Boy Country (Written by Jamie Bernstein)
9. Captain Beefheart- Electricity (Written by Don Van Vliet)
10. Jamie Bernstein- Take Me Inside (Written By Jamie Bernstein

I had to throw the Beefheart in there in spite of the thematic varience. I mean it's college radio.

Big thanks to WTUL for letting me hijack the airwaves to play some of that good Outlaw Country and Americana music.


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