Jamie Bernstein

For more than 20 years now, Jamie has been writing songs, poetry, music and performing. Jamie grew up in the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia, the heart of the Old Timey music scene, and some of the best known bluegrass artists in history. Jamie has lived in New Orleans since 1996. Since 2013 Jamie has been playing with Hill Country Hounds. You may have seen Jamie on tv or the movies. He has appeared in Common Law, Treme, American Horror Story Episode 402, Scream Queens Episode 8 Ghost Stories, Roots, Old Boy, PaperBoy, and Dark Circles. Jamie Bernstein publicly entered the music business by producing "People Get Ready" for James "12" Andrews in 2007. Jamie is excited to share his latest album "you don't know me". You Don't Know Me is Baroque folk music featuring jazz drummer Johnny Vidacovich, bassist Pat Casey, pedal steel player Dave Easley, cellist Hellen Gillet, fiddle player Matt Rhody, & gospel group The Zion Harmonizers. You Don't Know Me is produced by John Chelew.